What is Conductive Education?

  • a systematic and holistic approach to develop problem-solving skills through an educational program
  • a multidisciplinary system which enhances the child’s physical, cognitive and social skills and emotional well-being
  • “learning to learn” by intense and repetitive practice and the application of various activities necessary for progress
  • applies to motor skills, balance, sensory and perceptual functions, emotional development, language and cognitive functions.
  • an educational philosophy, which does not allow the individual to become inactive, pessimistic or uninvolved in a normal lifestyle or the solutions to problems of life and living
  • based on possibilities and individual potential, maximizing personal development and the potential to advance.
  • aims to avoid learned helplessness that may come from doing too much for a child, rather than teaching the child to do things for itself.
  • uses minimum aids, and is alert to withdraw these as soon as possible, providing no more than “the least necessary help”
  • a program tailored to each child’s needs. For example, special walking aids may be used to start a child walking, to be replaced as soon as possible by new aids that give a little less support.
  • not just an exercise

Who is it for?

People with cerebral palsy and motor disorders.
Parents are advised to make their own decisions about treatments for their child, in consultation with relevant professionals.

What age can a child start?

Working the program during the first six to eight years of a child’s life provides the most benefits, as this is the period of greatest brain development. However, it can help at any age.

How is it provided in the Canberra region?

A highly qualified Conductor, trained at the Peto Institute in Hungary is now working with many ACT children. The program is delivered in groups, individual sessions and using swimming therapy.

Parents are very involved throughout and learn helpful techniques in their children’s sessions. They are then able to use these in everyday activities to assist their children to overcome problems of movement.

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