Once again the Hands Across Canberra lunch was an inspiring event. Just imagine a huge room full of people doing great work for their causes, and even more businesses and people there to offer all kinds of assistance.

I was at a table with Keith from Cantlie Recruitment and he offered to help us find a Treasurer. A group from King O’Malleys was also on our table and are very happy to put out our swear tins. Maybe not big bickies but great public awareness for FBIC. The contacts we make at the lunch are a very important part of the event.

Earlier in the year we were given a grant of $5,000 from Hands Across Canberra for our new project, developing a group of new parents with a child with brain injury. In the past Hands Across Canberra has supported another of our projects. We used that money to bring therapists to Canberra, saving our families a long, tiring and expensive journey to Sydney or Melbourne.

It has been impressive watching Hands Across Canberra develop over the years. They are now a great force for good in Canberra.

Libby Steeper