FBIC is ceasing operations

After more than thirty years helping children with brain injuries in the Canberra region Friends of Brain Injured Children ACT (Inc) will be closing its doors on the 30 November 2018.

FBIC supports families of brain injured children. We

  • provide information on available treatments and intensive therapies
  • help arrange financial support for children to access therapy programs
  • help with the identification of problems
  • facilitate friendship and social activities between families

FBIC is a member of SHOUT (Self Help Organisations United Together). SHOUT works to provide members with a range of services and facilities to help set up and maintain self-help groups in the ACT.

FBIC promotes the importance of early identification and intervention in getting the best possible outcomes for your child. Although damage to the brain cannot be repaired, early intensive treatment can create new pathways to help your child learn and/or relearn speech, cognition and movement.
The earlier treatment is started, the better the outcome.

Caring for a child with brain injury is a daunting task for any family.

We’ve been helping families in the ACT since 1988.

Contact us today – we’re here to help you.


To help children with brain injury achieve maximum recovery.


To encourage the use of a wide range of early intensive therapies, and to provide families of children with brain injury the support, information and financial assistance for therapy.